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Can you immerse yourself into a brand experience? Interact with it? Explore it?

In a sense, this is the essence of user experience design: to provide users with the most tangible experiences a brand can offer. I approach user experience as extensions of a product or brand story or an unfolding expression of the promise made by a product, service offering, or a concept.

By considering the targeted audiences' expectations and understanding the product or service, I will align user experience design strategy, graphics, value statements and other elements to create a unified experience to influence the audience rather than simply function as sales space or echo chamber.

With 85 percent of purchasing decisions made while visiting a company's website, fulfilling an image through the user's experience can be a key influence on a brands recognition online, acceptance and success. User experience carries more than a promise. For all its interactive functionality, user experience is also a multi-dimensional communication vehicle. For example, online, the user experience can form a chain of emotions for an experiential expression. At the click of the user's hand, a website can reinforce the qualities and value of the brand promise. What users see, hear and feel from the cumulative information about a brand can either fulfill their expectations. Or they can disconnect them from a brand entirely, depending on how the experience is and the message speaks to them.

To ensure that websites perform in a manner true to their products or services, I incorporate multi-dimensional data, messaging elements and sales features translating the brand in fresh but appropriate ways, transforming a website into a compelling experience.  

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