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Steadfast, motivated and self-sufficient USER EXPERIENCE and development Professional with 15 combined years of experience spearheading UX and Creative Services for industry-leading companies within Aerospace, Scientific, Technical Services, Consumer Goods, Hospitality and Commercial real estate industries.

Extremely technically savvy with demonstrated commitment to the continuous expansion of an already vast print/digital design and online communications knowledge base. Dynamic team player, exceptional communicator, presenter, negotiator and resource manager known for incredible work-ethic and transforming diverse groups into highly productive, collaborative teams that exceed goals and expectations in the following capacities:

J U L I A N   G U T I E R R E Z   UX UI Software Engineer 909.762.7484  julian@j2pro.net

J U L I A N   G U T I E R R E Z

UX UI Software Engineer



UX Design 15+
Prototyping 15+
Adobe Applications 15+
Development 15+
HTML 15+
CSS 10+
Wordpress/php 8+
JavaScript 10+


Over 1.3 million participants world-wide for one of NASA's most successful social media campaigns.
Role: UX Design / Developer


2017 Merit Award
Role: Software Engineer / UX Developer
Client: Private Gov/Com Healthcare IT Firm

2016 Outstanding Services Award
Role: Software Engineer / UX Developer
Client: Private Gov/Com Healthcare IT Firm

2014 Ocean Observatories Initiative
Role: Developer / Lead Services Support
Client: NSF/Raytheon

2014 HTML5 "Advanced" Score
2014 CSS3 "Highly-Proficient" Score

CEB SHL Talent Measurement

2013 “Most Outstanding Project”, Role: Marketing Systems, Director
Client: WDI / Bergman
Themed Entertainment Association

2012 Universal Studios Proposal
Role: Marketing Services, Director
Client: Universal Studios /

2011 DCA Expansion

Design Team Competition   1st Place Award Client: WDI

Design Team Competition 1st Place Award
Client: WDI

2009 Commendation Award
Role: Creative Services, Director
European Rotogravure Association

Client: Wal-Mart/Rubicon


UX Design & Development
Front-end Development
Prototyping / Interactive Design
Responsive Design & Integration
Wordpress / CMS Planning / Themes
Vision Casting / Branding
Information Design
Integrated Communication
Workflow Automation
Business Intelligence
Web Analytics
SEO Implementation
CRM Strategy


Fresh in undergraduate studies Julian obtained internships that catapulted him into User Experience Design and Creative Director roles with leading global consumer goods and service companies.  Having gained significant experience he has led teams and excelled in roles responsible for user experience design, product marketing, international business development, packaging manufacturing and digital asset management.

Award-winning technical knowledge and creative services expertise has enabled him to travel over the United States, Mexico and Southeast Asia.  Furthermore, Julian enjoys gritty project challenges earning him accolades from industry leaders in Aerospace, Scientific, Hospitality and Entertainment industries for his work in user experience design, marketing systems and unique design approach.

Graduated from the California University of Polytechnics, Pomona with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy and completed extensive coursework in visual design and western and eastern art history. After graduating he spent time traveling and independently studying the "Evolving Aesthetics" from classical to contemporary art and architecture in Spain. In addition to visiting architectural sites of bio-mimicry architect Anton Gaudi, Julian toured and studied at the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid and a number of private museums in Barcelona, Spain.

Today, Julian works full-time maintaining multiple software as service software platforms for leading-edge health, engineering and commercial software teams. Recent projects include: BigIP front-end customization, .NET MVC, AngularJS, Bootstrap Themes, Custom CSS and bundle config libraries, Custom 508 Compliant UI Controls designed for re-use.


During his leisure time, Julian trains with world champions in Brazilian Juijitsu (BJJ) and Judo at Sampa Brazilian Juijitsu Academy.  He is a believer in that a healthy body supports a healthy mind and he enjoys the many benefits earned from this lifestyle. Training for three years he was awarded his blue belt from Professor Renato Migliaccio.  In 2014, Julian competed and placed in NABJJF Los Angeles International Jiu Jitsu Open (NoGi) and won multiple academy tournaments.

Julian hopes one day to earn his black belt in BJJ & Judo so he can teach others how to enhance their lives through martial arts.

Julian, his wife and two children live in Los Angeles County, California, United States.

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JULIAN GUTIERREZ,  UX UI Software Engineer
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